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Free plugins

Because coding is it too


You learn to code for free

So, if you can learn for free, why make the others pay for a work that you made for free?

Everyone needs to have access

And be able to have a good login, ban system, funny mechanic plugins

Not everyone can pay

And the amount of people can pay for a plugin is very low.

Why do you ask for a donation?

Because coding is free, yes, but the time, it's not. You can donate and gain access to this:

  • .01 Contribuite in any idea for a plugin
  • .02 Request help for any plugin
  • .03 Request a custom plugin
  • .04 Get live support
  • .05 Get support faster than others

Fast bug fixes

Unlike most of the free plugins, I constantly update my plugins if there's a bug, or If I think it can go better by adding new mechanics.

I'll always try to help

With my plugins, if you have any issue, I won't take care if you are a donor or not, my plugins, my priority, my care